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Saturday, July 26, 2008

SHHH....Sneak Peek!

Hey guys just giving you all a lil sneak peek at whats next from "The Firm". Don't know if you are familiar with the "Modern Retro" but we as in Luna Benevente and myself have been working our butts off to bring to you the next home in the series. Of course this time we wanted to accommodate
all of those that would like to have the Retro style but not the Retro price or prim size. This is the option that a bit more economical for those with stylish tastes but not wallets.:P. Now it is quite a bit smaller and we will be making a larger more extravagant version with the color change rooms like you have all come to know and love but that will be shortly after this release. This does come fully furnished with one color choice. Scheduled for Sunday YAY!! so here it is!.....Please we welcome comments in this blog so feel free to express yourself!
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OK..OK I'm slow!

Well I guess its about time i told you all the cute little intricate details about my new shoe. Hopefully you all have seen it but if you haven't..... here goes nufin!!
Daisy....fully sculpted..YAY!! I'm really getting the hang of it:) hopefully you all like it as much as I do i am quite proud of myself:)) there are 46 colors and 2 texture variations.... total 92 shoes!!
(yes I know its a bit excessive but i didnt want to miss i was having too much fun making them:P) Available at the Shoe expo as well as my main store on inizio! Happy shopping folks!!:)
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