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Friday, February 08, 2008


Hi Guys! Its me again.
After almost 6 months since my last shoe release I have been wrecking my brain to figure out how to produce sculptie shoes. Here is my first release..."Bootleg". This also includes walk sounds and animations. Now, Don't get me wrong im not arrogant enough to think that i have totally got a handle on sculpties but I'm going to get there with your help! Til then all of my practice shoes and such will be offered to the public at reduced rates. My regular price for ankle boot is $400l but these (available in several colors) are offered to you at $175. I really hope you enjoy...and all comments are welcome, so please don't be shy....the only way I can grow and get better at this is with the help of the people who care about creative content within SL.... THATS YOU!!
See you all for next week's release:P!
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