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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Intorduction to Asri Falcone's Tip Source For Photoshop Users

Hola.... This is my very first blog ever so please be patient with me. I felt it was my time to give back to this vast community some of the knowledge its give me. A lot of the photoshop tips and tricks you will see here are for beginner to intermediate users of photoshop 6-cs2. Feel Free to share any tips or tricks of your own here. I do however ask that you send me links you'd like displayed here that would be helpful to all the readers. I ask this as not to clog up the blog with dead links or advertising spam.

Quick background on me: I first began learning photoshop in aprox. 1995 at Western Michigan Univ. Where I studied graphic design. I was absolutely hooked! In 1998 I began working in Detroit as a freelance designer for a couple small local printing brokers. (small being..I was the only employee:P) From there I got into brokering my own printing and designing to the general public. After clients such as Bad Boy Records, Def Jam, No Limit Records, XXL, Hair Designs Magazine, and a host of local businesses and clubs, I was voted designer of the year from 2000-2004. (still waiting on 2005 results:P) which is amazing to me because I actually slowed to under 10 select clients in 2004, and still won....geez go figure! I have recently began designing and selling game content for, has to be my dream job!

So That leaves me to where we are now....Giving back! Here I am going to try to Publish Tips and tricks that will help you in several aspects of photoshop, including: texturing, basic tools, text effects, poser postwork, and even secondlife clothing and texturing in photoshop. I will also be providing resource links for software add-ons and tutorials that I think would be helpful to those lost in the photoshop world. One thing I beg of you is to leave your comments and questions and ill try to answer each in the next blog entry. Thank you for joining me in this photoshop experience.
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Hiya 'Asri'
Looking forward to the photoshop tutorials & tips. Have any been posted already?.Have I missed the link?
Thanks Taz

3:29 AM  

guI'm also looking forward to the tutorials and tips. I wasn't able to find the link to that section.


7:52 AM  

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